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Web Build & Host Websites

There are a ton of different website builders and hosting companies, but not all are the same. From the hosting side, you must consider  bandwidth, daily backups and security. Then on the front side you want a cool looking website that loads fast, is optimized including images, meta data, alt tags etc.  At Jarhead Lab we take all of this serious. We would love to hear from you about your new website ideas and/or assess your current website.

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Website Services

What's Your Story?

They say a good photo or video will tell a good story. The same goes for your website.  When someone discovers your business on the web, this is your opportunity to connect with them. You have around 5 seconds to do so. Not only does your website need to look pretty, it needs to load all the media really fast...


Website hosting plans

Our plans vary based on the level of service you need. All plans offer Google Cloud SSD Bandwidth Speeds and Free SSL Certificate. 

Google Cloud Hosting

Daily Core & Database Backups

Free SSL Certificate

Free Hosting Migration

Ongoing Support



All Basic Plan Features

Google Analytics Integration

30 min/mo Development

Page Speed Optimization

Priority Support



All Premium Plan Features

Facebook Pixel Integration

Monthly WP & Plugin Updates

1 hr/mo Development

SEO Audit Report


Our Digital Services

From web design to shooting Google Street View Tours. We focus on digital services that help showcase your business and last a lifetime.


What's Your Story?

Let's talk about your digital needs and how to showcase your services. All businesses have a great story, many are not properly shared. 

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